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Paint Protection film

The paint protection film, also know as clearmask or clear bra also have come a long ways from there early days.  Paint protection is usually the first thing we recommend.  Once the front of your car is chipped up, there is no going back.  We recommend doing the hood the fenders and the mirrors.  Hoods and fenders are still made of steal and aluminum depending on the vehicle.  Because of this they do not absorb the impact of rocks and road debris very well.  This leads to chips and scratches.  The purpose of the paint protection is to sheild your vehicle from these elements and keep the paint looking good.  The paint protection can last the life of the car, however just know that it is designed to be a semi permanent fixture and should be replaced if damaged.  It is important to note that many new paint protection’s have self healing properties.  If you accidentally scratch the material you can leave it in the sun, or clean it with isopropyl alcohol  and the scratches will disappear.  This is no joke, it really works and we are more than happy to demonstrate it to you.

benefits of paint protection film

The benefits of paint protection films are just that, they protect your paint from the environment. Winter in Colorado is great, but because of the icy conditions we have to put down gravel and sand on the road. The paint protection protects your car from sand, gravel, rocks, and sap and many other environmental conditions. The best time to get a clear bra is when the car is new. Believe it or not we see a ton of cars the get chips on them that are less then a week, or day old. The sooner the better. The paint protection film has come a long way. Many people are worried about getting paint protection film applied because they have seen old clear masks that have turned colors, cracked or pealed off. The technology has come so far from those early days and continues to be updated daily.

Areas Paint Protection can be installed


Standard ClearMask

The Standard Clear mask is usually just hood fenders and mirrors. This protects the leading edge of the hood fenders and the mirrors that stick out. Often people will add the door edge which protects the edge when the door is opened and hits an object. The door cups protect the inside of your door handles from nails when entering the vehicle. The basic mask can either come in 12” 18” 24” or 36:”


O.C.D. Clearmask

This is usually the person that wants to cover any of the front areas that will be impacted by road debris.


Until death do us apart

This is usually when you want to cover most if not all your car so that it will outlive you. This is usually overkill, but we are more than happy to cover any painted surface you want covered.


The first step to installing PPF is cleaning the surface that the film is going to be applied. This is done by washing the area with soap and water and a microfiber cloth. Once the dirt is gone we take a detailers clay bar, soap and water and clay the area. This removes sap bugs or any dirt or grime built up on your vehicle. The next step is to use a surface cleaner or surface cleaner if there is anything left. Once the area is prepped we can install the PPF material with isopropyl alcohol and soap and water. The material is formed to your vehicle and then squeegeed out. Once the material is fitted we wrap it in the areas that can be wrapped like under your hood. Most installers cut the clear mask on top of the hood but we take the time to wrap it underneath so that the leading edge is not exposed to rock chips. We can either trim by hand or use a computer cut pattern. Computer cutting sounds good in theory, however not all vehicles are the same and sometimes with computer cut patterns the material falls short and has a gap. Not always but just something to keep in mind. Also if there is not a gap there may be an excess of material which would still need to be trimmed by hand.


When it comes to removing an old or damaged clear mask, please make an appointment to have as look at it in person. We can not really give you a phone quote because some removals can take 5 min, and some can take all day depending on the quality and age of the material. Many times people decide to remove the mask themselves thinking they will save some money. The problem with that is if you remove the mask and leave the adhesive behind, it is more work to remove the adhesive. So this will actually take us more time which will end up costing you more. So please stop by so we can look at it. Help us help you!


Care Instructions

  • Once your film is installed, you may notice some moisture or bubbles under the material. This is normal, and it is important that you do not touch them or mess with them in anyway.  

  • If you can please do not place the area that was worked on in direct sunlight for a full day. We know this is not always feasible, but this helps the moisture from not evaporating out too quickly. If the moisture dries out too quickly it create a void or air pocket. These can usually be fixed so please do not disturb it and contact us to fix it.  

  • Do not wash the outside of your car for two weeks after install. The material is still curing for that amount of time and the pressure from the pressure washers can peal the film back or blow water under the material which then turns into an air pocket. You can hand wash your car, just do not use a pressure washer ever on or around the material. 

  • You can clean your PPF with soap and water and a microfiber cloth.

  • We recommend that you use a spray wax on your clear mask as often as possible to help protect it and keep it clean.

  • Clean bugs and bird droppings of ASAP. The PPF film is just like your clear coat on your paint. If these things are not addressed in a reasonable amount of time they can etch themselves in the material permanently.